Why should I help?

By expressing a preference for type of work you are only indicating an interest. Before you are asked to help you will be contacted to discuss the matter.

As much or as little as you want, as and when it suits you.

As well as Duty Officers, we are  particularly anxious to recruit Drivers, Escorts, Handy-persons, and volunteers for Visiting and to provide Respite.

We are seeking more volunteers to help maintain our services to the local community. We try to fill gaps left by other  organisations. Also,in particular, we needs more coordinators (Duty Officers). These people, who can be of any age, put people needing help in touch with those that can provide it.  Many of our volunteers are now reaching a stage in their lives when they, themselves need help, so we must keep recruiting.

Expenses incurred may be claimed for reimbursement

What am I letting myself in for?

How much time do I have to give?

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