My first experiences

Soon after I retired from work I was asked about becoming a volunteer for
Redbridge Voluntary Care but it was only recently that I took the plunge and
signed up to be a driver, although as it has turned out, a lot of my duties so far
seem to involve travelling in ambulances or taxis. On one such occasion I was
asked to accompany an elderly gentleman from a sheltered housing home to
Queen's Hospital for his clinic appointment. There was a long wait at the home
before the ambulance arrived to take us to the hospital, then after another
long wait in the clinic I wheeled the chap into the room to see the consultant
and was out within a minute! Next stop was the transport area awaiting an
ambulance back. However,whilst I was there I got a call from the Sheltered
Housing Home to say the gentlemen had another appointment at Goodmayes
Hospital for a blood test within next 2 hours so was thankful the transport
soon arrived.

On arriving back at the home, I had to bundle(?) the gentleman into my car
for his next appointment which I thought would be straight forward - how
wrong I was! Not having been to Goodmayes Hospital for years, I wasn
't sure
where the appointment was and so got out of the car and asked someone
inside the main building where the blood test clinic was, only to be told it was
not here but try KGH. However, I was so relieved when on getting back in the
car the gentlemen who didn't say much, showed me his appointment card
Which had the name of the building on it and I was able to find the place with
just 15 minutes to spare!

I am also getting to know Whipps Cross Hospital with departments and
clinics spread all over the place and the very long corridor in the main building
which is excellent for practising your portering skills I You do also need a map
to find your way around and to ensure you. are parked in the right car park! I
do also now know where the fracture clinic, x-ray & dental surgery are
situated. My portering
& carer skills are certainly improving all the timel

I think I am getting used to the voluntary care duties and must be doing
something right as I now have some regular 'clients' who ask for me each time
they have an appointment - another job for life?


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Redbridge Voluntary Care