Redbridge Voluntary Care helps residents in many ways by visiting lonely people, sitting with the sick or elderly when their carers go out or providing transport for people to hospital, doctors, clinics, dentists etc. RVC also takes people to hospital to visit their partners or relatives. This can be a one-off visit or a regular commitment.

In an emergency, Redbridge Voluntary Care can get shopping or collect prescriptions.

Redbridge Voluntary Care also has volunteers who are willing to act as escorts during a visit to the doctor or hospital. This can be of benefit to patients

who are hard of hearing, visually impaired or just nervous.

Redbridge Voluntary Care has a small band of volunteers who are able to change light bulbs, check batteries, carry out small repairs or move furniture.

Redbridge Voluntary Care cannot usually do gardening, decorating, regular shopping or housework or transport people who cannot get into an ordinary car.

If there is nobody else to help:  

What we can do:

What we cannot do:

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